About The Net
  • The net is dedicated to AM and vintage vacuum tube radio gear. If you need parts or expertise, there will probably be someone on the net who can assist you. If your gear is working, just stop by to say hello! You will meet a friendly and helpful group.
 Net Operation
  • The pre-net starts on 3.885 MHz at 6:45 CDT every Saturday morning & the net starts at 7:30 CDT. The net control station can vary from week to week.
  • W9WRL conducts pre-net festivities. Dave keeps the rotation in order for those stations who like to check in early. Please listen and do not transmit until he calls for new check-ins. There are two rounds of check-ins The first is at 6:30 and the second at 6:45. Please check-in when asked.

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  • 2/13/2017 ☛ KI8BQ AM July get-together announcement

  • 3/6/2017 ☛ Addition of MCRN audio clip to Photo Album

  • 3/7/2017 ☛ Began Contruction of Radio Pictures page

  • 3/21/2017 ☛ Updates to homebrew and members pages

  • 3/22/2017 ☛ Updated Bulletin Board & Members sections

  • 3/27/2017 ☛ Added March 18 Kalamazoo hamfest  

  • 4/12/2017 ☛ 2017 added Stoughton hamfest pictures