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  • August 29, 2017 From Harry N9CQX

    One of our Midwest Classic Radio Net members has one of the biggest towers around with a ham shack in the tower. It is 231 feet tall including the antennas. It is a former AT&T relay tower at 3354 W. Schultz Road, LaPorte, IN 46350. Google Map Link  Page opens in new browser window

    Danny W9DWS made his tower site available once again for our MCRN get-together on September 9, 2017, starting at 10:00 CST. Last year, we had a great time socializing and some of us climbed the 250 steps, and then a ladder out a trap door to the top of the tower.

    He also says that this will be the last year for the TOWER HAMBOREE because he is currently negotiating the sale of his tower.

    Pictures of 2016 event  (opens in new browser window)

    Pictures of 2017 event  (opens in new browser window)  

  • June 25, 2017 From Harry N9CQX

    Danny W9DWS made his tower site available for our MCRN get-together on September 10th, 2016. We had a great time socializing and some of us climbed the 250 steps, and then a ladder out a trap door to the top of the tower.

  • May 6, 2017 This message regarding "Skokie Bill" W9ERG

    Bill does not get on email much any more. He seems to have physical symptoms. Kinda odd. I suggest you instead route any correspondence to his XYL Jean. She is alert and ham literate, of course.

    She may not write back, but will probably print stuff out for Bill when he feels able to focus and think clearly. We have a number of factors going on right now that contribute to such fuzzy symptoms. 73, Ron K9KLT

  • 11 February 2017 This message from Gary KI8BQ

    The 2017 AM Get Together has been announced for July 29, 2017. More Information is available here.(opens in new browser window)

  • March 2014 RFI info from net member Barry K9YVT, Selmer, TN

    The ARRL has formally complained to the FCC, contending that a grow light's ballast being widely marketed and sold is responsible for severe interference to the MF and HF bands. The League urged Commission action to halt sales of the Lumatek LK-100 electronic ballast and to recall devices already on store shelves or in the hands of consumers. In a March 12 letter to the Commission's Enforcement Bureau and its Office of Engineering and Technology, ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, said the ARRL's own laboratory testing revealed that the Lumatek device exhibited excessive conducted emissions, in violation of the FCC's rules.

    ARRL has received numerous complaints from Amateur Radio operators of significant noise in the medium and high frequency bands between 1.8 MHz and 30 MHz from grow lights and other RF lighting devices generally, Imlay told the Commission. The level of conducted emissions from this device is so high that, as a practical matter, one RF ballast operated in a residential environment would create preclusive interference to Amateur Radio HF communications throughout entire neighborhoods. An extensive Conducted Emissions Test Report detailing the ARRL Lab's test results was attached to the League's correspondence.

    The report concludes from the conducted emissions tests that the six highest emissions from the device in the HF band vastly exceed the quasi-peak limit specified in Section 18.307(c) of the Rules, Imlay related. The ARRL further pointed out that, while a FCC sticker has been affixed to the device, it lacked FCC compliance information. FCC Part 18 rules require RF lighting devices to provide an advisory statement with the device, notifying users that it could interfere with radio equipment operating between 0.45 MHz and 30 MHz.

    The League noted that the device is imported into the US and marketed and sold by Sears, where ARRL purchased its test sample, as well as by Amazon.com and other retail outlets. The ARRL also called on the FCC to consider enforcement proceedings against the importer, Hydrofarm Horticultural Products of Petaluma, California.

    The ARRL respectfully requests that your office take the appropriate action with respect to this device without delay, Imlay's letter concluded. Copies of the correspondence were sent to the importer.

    In separate correspondence to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, seeking his review of the complaint, Imlay said the Lumatek unit was typical in terms of its performance, and many other types of grow lights are being imported, marketed, sold and deployed now. One of Pai's main interests is the revitalization of the AM Broadcast Band, where noise can be an impediment to reception. It is not at all an exaggeration that even one of these electronic ballasts operated in a residential neighborhood makes any AM Broadcast reception impossible, Imlay asserted. The League included a copy of its test report with the letter to Commissioner Pai.

    Marked increases in the noise floor at MF and HF, year-over-year, are well-known to active Amateur Radio licensees, and it is devices such as the Lumatek LK-1000 and its progeny that are major contributors to this noise pollution,” Imlay added. The MCWA newsletter mentioned
  • AES Data Breach

    Friday January 24,2014 I received an email from Tom Pachner W9TJP an official at AES. He said that consumer information from AES orders from January 6 to January 23,2014 had been compromised. I ordered from AES during this time period. I guess this circumlocution means that means credit card data has been stolen.

    I've done business with AES for over 30 years. This is the first time this has happened. During this time period I had ordered (and received the next day) a duplexer to combine inputs with a VHF and UHF antenna. It was a mere $24.95 purchase!

    Within two days my credit card company contacted me to confirm out of my usual pattern purchases from on-line orders. In this case someone overseas had ordered over $900 of baby supplies ... crib, car seat, etc. The fraudulent purchase was stopped. I also had to standby as the credit card account was closed and new cards were issued.

    73 de JoAnne K9JKM
    Editor, AMSAT Journal

  • 25 July 2013 Liz K4GHT Is Going Through Chemo
  • At the Hamboree, W9LRS passed a card around for all of us to sign. This note and attached letter is from Lou...

    • Thanks to all who had signed the card for Liz at the six meter hamfest. I also added the MCRN, Noon time forum and the DX 60 net et al to the signatures Here is the response and update from Liz.  Lou, W9LRS...

      • "I want to thank you for the very special card that you sent to me while I was in the hospital. I don't know how you did it but it by far is one of the nicest things any ham has ever done for me. I was moved to tears when I received the card and saw all of the signatures. It made me feel great knowing that my Mid-West buddies were thinking of me.

        My progress is good and according to my doctors I am in full remission from the AML Leukemia cancer. I thank everyone for the warm thoughts and prayers, they have been answered. I have two more sessions that require hospitalization, each lasting two to three weeks. When I am finished with the chemo sessions I should be completely clear and ready to continue with my life. My friend Sara, my dog Gizmo and I will be heading to Michigan towards the end of October of first of November. I am looking forward to getting the equipment check out and getting on the air with AM forum folks so I can personally thank each and everyone.

        I will say 73/88 for now. Thank you again for being so darn thoughtful.  God Bless!"   Liz   K4GHT

  • November 2012 This is a message from Pete N9HXW, who moved from Willowbrook, IL to north of New York City.
  • With all the bad weather out there it is comforting to hear this from him:

    • "Thank you for the well wishes. We survived the three "once in a 100 year" storms this past year without ever losing electric power. Unbelievable, given the devastation inflicted on so much of the East Coast. I had my generator ready to go but didn't have to fire it up once. We couldn't have been more lucky. I am going to have a natural gas generator installed once we get by the immediate crisis. Seems that all the people who install them are busy attending to present customers.

    • Take care and give my best to all our old friends."    Pete N9HXW

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